Cape Town and Western Cape is going through severe drought crisis. At O on Kloof, we recognize the need to conserve water. Because of this, we have implemented water saving initiatives and projects:

  • At breakfast: no table cloths policy; we also replaced linen napkins with paper napkins;
  • Front fountain feature – is out of order until further notice;
  • We are unable to fill jacuzzi’s in the suites until further notice;
  • Toilet buddies are installed in toilet buckets;
  • Water-less sanitizers are placed in the bathrooms;
  • We have placed bucket in the showers to catch grey water – we use the water to water our garden;
  • Bath plugs has been removed and we introduced strictly NO Bath policy
  • We practicing bed linen and towel change only on request
  • There is clear signage informing / reminding guests of the water crisis situation in all our rooms directories, public areas, spa and mentioned during check-in procedure

How you can join in #SavingWater during your stay? Its easy:

  • We promote 2 minute showers only – download your 2 minute shower song and enjoy it.
  • Flush toilet with grey water or use only dual flash system (flush when necessary) or use the “half flush” button that saves over 50% water than the full flush
  • Use only one or two towel during your stay
  • Report drips and leaks.

Our indoor swimming pool is still operational despite level drop. So enjoy it!


So #SaveLikeALocal while you enjoying your holiday.

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